nousphere free school logo
nous noun [ no͞os ]
from ancient greek νους
+ sphere noun [ sfir ]
from ancient greek ςφαιρα

Welcome to free school! Join us in our vision to build an experimental, experiential, residential, project-based educational community.

At free school, we are all teacher-students, learning, sharing and co-creating a new framework for sustainable global change, all while remembering to play, nourishing our hearts and souls as well as our bodies and minds.

In these early stages, we are mostly focused on building the business that will sustain the community, and developing an unusual campus in a small industrial area on the outskirts of town. Our long-term goal is to transition to land where this idea can flourish into a robust intentional community, with a focus on permaculture, bioremediation, natural healing modalities, non-hierarchical decision-making systems, natural building, and many different forms of art, including multi-media visual arts, music and movement.

For free school to be free, it needs to have a strong financial basis. The vision is that, over time, the free school will become a member-owned cooperative, with varying levels of involvement from volunteers to interns and apprentices to long-term business partners. By supporting the business, the members support themselves, and each other, while the majority of the business resources go toward the continuing growth and sustenance of the community.

We have a long way to go to implement and refine this vision, but in the meanwhile we want to invite you to collaborate with us as we explore new ways of structuring our shared world.

You can reach out to us here: